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My name is Marilyn 


I'm a dreamer in full color, wife, mom, grandmother & creator of magical fairy treehouses.

 I've been making the tree houses for about 7 years now, and for me it truly is a work of love...

The fact is... my imagination seems to know no bounds, and there is a constant stream of new ideas!  

I have two degrees; one in History and the other in Secondary Education.  I have 3 sons and one granddaughter.  My husband and I share just about everything; he is my best friend! 

And we make quite a team!

Our home is also an expression of our creativity... a step into another world... an old English one.  We are both miss-placed spirits of days gone by.

The workshop is an odd assortment of those things that are whimsical and help me think.. and just a fun place to play. 

The idea for the tree homes came to me about 20 years ago when I was shopping with my dear friend Carol.  We came across a shop that used an old tree stump for a display, (as a  shelf really), and they had it decorated with flowers and other "do-dads."  I took one look at it and the idea was born.  However, what may look easy, actually takes a long time to develop!  A LOT of trial and error has gone into my work. 

Each Treehouse takes 30+ hours to create... & that is for a small one.  The larger homes about 100 hours. 

The small homes are about 12-14 inches tall and quite light.  The tall more elaborate homes are 18 to 34 inches tall.

Each house has handmade miniature furniture, and the bed linens are hand sewn also.  And believe it or not... each bed has a mattress!  

I have no favorite home.

Each one is special... my creation.

The funny thing about the tree houses is that there are always new ideas flowing and just when I think I've finished... another comes along. 

 THANK YOU... and come back again real soon!


P.S. Did I mention that I also write books?

Check them out!


My family album

My three sons, my mom, and my granddaughter... 

my mom is gone now and at peace.

My favorite photo of me... always the dreamer.  A few years ago there was a popular image of angels; artwork used for cards and T-shirts etc. and my mom chuckled when she saw it and said they used this photo as the model.

My mom and dad the year I was born...

My great, great grandmother on the right...

the gypsy in me.


Here is the workshop. 

The house on the workbench is

SUNSHINE & WILDFLOWER COTTAGE  my current house in progress and as you can see; I am surrounded by all the whimsical things I love... no rhyme or reason to it.  Just fun clutter!

And I love to watch "girl" movies... "Mama Mia" is one of my favorites. :)